Package Information

  • Introductory Package – $60.00

In the Introductory Package, we will come set up the track and run the races. Electronically-Generated results will be given to the event coordinator soon after completion of the races. An electronic copy of those results plus individual heat results will be transmitted to the event coordinator 24-48 Business Hours immediately following the event. (For track setup and other event information, please visit the ‘About’ page.)

  • Free-Race Package – $50.00

Not doing a formal event? This package is the same as the Introductory Package (See Above), but without results being recorded after each race. (Basically, it is free-racing the whole time.) (For track setup and other event information, please visit the ‘About’ page.)

Package Add-ons

  • HotWheels Add-on – $10.00

Our track is compatible with HotWheels cars! If you would like to include younger kids in all the fun, try this add-on! (Add to any package)

  • LEGO Add-on – $15.00

We have sets of LEGO Brick-compatible Pinewood Derby wheels that attach directly to a LEGO car to add some more fun! We have wheels and LEGO baseplates to provide for the event, you just need to provide your own LEGOs so that everyone can build and customize a car on the spot! (Add to any package)

Additional Fees (If Applicable)

  • Gas/Travel Fee ($1.00/mile)

As much as we would love to do so, we cannot travel anywhere we want to do events. Therefore, we must charge an additional fee of $1.00 per mile OUTSIDE of Spanish Fork, Utah, in order to keep our business running.

  • Lost/Damaged LEGO Wheel Fee ($7.00/wheel)

There will be a $7.00 fee for every set of LEGO wheels not returned by the end of the event. (Only applies to Lego Add-on)

  • Damage Fees

We ask that the person in charge of the event keep order AT ALL TIMES. Persons damaging any equipment owned or operated by WhiteAcres Racing, no matter how small, are in charge of fully replacing the object AS SOON AS POSSIBLE OR ON DEMAND. Rules must be followed with exact precision, because we NEVER want to charge this fee. In the event of damage, no exceptions will be made. Damage will be assessed and a fee form will be filed. Remember: You are not the only one we are running races for!