Equipment Used:

  • Pinewood Derby Track

The track we use is a four-lane, 35-foot long PVC Plastic track. It has an automated start gate that is run by the computer program.

  • Pinewood Derby Computer Program

The Pinewood Derby Computer Program is where the magic happens. Registered racers are entered into the system and it generates a schedule. Typically, racers will race their car four times, once in each lane. The software takes the lowest time of each racer out of their four races and figures out the winners from this information. The Computer Program can run the group as a whole, or in individual groups with winners from each group. (i.e. Dens in a Cub Scout group or departments within a company)

  • Pinewood Derby Timer

The Pinewood Derby Timer works very closely with the Computer Program. It uses Infrared Laser Technology to accurately measure the cars’ exact times. It then sends the times to the Computer Program, which collects it and uses it to figure out the winners. 

Scheduling an Event with our Services:

We don’t just do Cub Scout events! In addition to local Scouting events, we also do derbies for multiple other events as well. To schedule an event with us, please use the contact form on the ‘Contact’ page, then allow 24-48 business hours for a response. From there, we will let you know if the dates requested will work with our schedule. If they aren’t, we will continue to work with the event coordinator to arrange the event and ensure that you have a great experience.

Hosting an Event with our services:

A few days before the event, we will double-check with the event coordinator to make ensure event information is still correct. If not, we will rearrange times, dates, or locations to better suit the needs of everyone involved. (If at any time you need to cancel our services, please communicate further with the person you were coordinating the event with. They can help you from there.)

On the day of the event, we will arrive with all equipment necessary no less than an hour before the event to set up. (We must have access to the event location a minimum of one hour before the event’s official starting time.) We will then set up the track, software (if applicable to package purchased), a projection screen for viewing heat results (if applicable to package purchased), and anything else required for the event. The person in charge of the event or their representative will then be in charge of registering ALL racers as they enter (this only applies if you selected the Introductory Package) so that we can put them into the system.

The event coordinator, event manager, or their representative will be in charge of running the overall event unless circumstances require otherwise. During the event, the person in charge MUST maintain order amongst the racers AT ALL TIMES. If they don’t, damage to our equipment will occur. Upon the event of damage, a fee form will be filled out and the parties responsible will pay to fully replace the item further as soon as possible or on demand. (See “Damage Fees” in the ‘Pricing’ page.) 

After the event’s conclusion or our services are no longer needed, we will leave as quickly as possible. Payment is expected before our departure unless the situation requires otherwise. You will receive a copy of your receipt (only available upon request) either by email or printout. Results (if applicable) will be processed and sent to the event coordinator within 48 business hours.